[1] T. Pisoni et al., “AUSILIA: Assisted unit for simulating independent living activities,” 2016 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), Trento, 2016, pp. 1-4.
doi: 10.1109/ISC2.2016.7580802
Abstract: The goal of this paper is to present AUSILIA, a project aimed at developing and integrating solutions to foster independent living of subjects affected by disabilities or recovering from traumas. AUSILIA exploits the synergies and competences acquired by the partners in the domain of assisted living and rehabilitation, implementing an advanced technological infrastructure capable of monitoring and analyzing the activities conducted by the users within the premises of the living lab. Thanks to the capability of carrying out automatic analysis of the ongoing events and the interaction of the user with the surrounding environment and objects, it will be possible to determine the best set of aids to support an independent living as soon as they return back home.
keywords: {assisted living;patient rehabilitation;AUSILIA;advanced technological infrastructure;assisted living;assisted unit;automatic analysis;independent living;living activities;living lab;Assistive technology;Intelligent sensors;Monitoring;Sensor systems;Systems architecture;Testing;assisted living;automatic monitoring;helthcare;rehabilitation;safety;smart architecture;well-being;wereable sensors},

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